Silentium Partners takes giving back to the community very seriously indeed.

Whether it is working with the Prison Services or raising money for projects in Darfur and South Africa – Silentium Partners is passionate about the world around us making a contribution into worthwhile causes.

Our passion for people has enabled us to be successful in our working lives and we have all taken that one step further working with under privileged children, projects in war torn areas such as Darfur and raising money for a variety of charities.

For example – Simon Carter is often invited to lead the cello section at the ROS – founded in 1872 by the Duke of Edinburgh. It gives young artists the opportunity to enhance their solo career and raises money for a number of charities. All of the players are at very high standard from the top conservatories around the world and some former high profile professional players.

For more information on how you can get involved or you would like to get on the mailing list please visit: