Executive Search 

As the Services market sector begins to maintain pace and momentum the struggle to stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive market is ever increasingly more vital. The need for top talent is more important than ever before in the race to move into a more sustainable services environment in order to stay one step ahead of the your rival in the market.

Whether you are providing a Professional Service, a financial solution or a Managed/Shared service the very heart of this sector is about top talent and people driving the business and revolutionising its ability to remain innovative and cutting edge.

Defining the Services market is something Silentium Partners knows all too well having worked with a number of FTSE100 organisations helping build and grow the value proposition through tailor made search and selection solutions from grass roots right up to Board level replacement – in some instances replacing the entire leadership team.

At Silentium we have designed a unique, transparent and robust “Global then local” Executive Search solution that substantially de-risks the process of hiring at the top level.

From competitive market mapping to targeted C level Executive Search Silentium has a tried and tested formula to deliver talent solutions across the Services domain.

C-level coaching

It is a tough decision for a C-level individual to decide to move in particular when that person is very well established and a driving force within their current role and business.

Good people seldom find themselves on the open market and should that time come they require first class guidance and coaching around what to think about, how to put together a well crafted Curriculum Vitae and how to approach their next career move.

Interview Coaching – a session on how to come across and objection handle a C level interview process.

Succession planning

Being first out of the blocks and staying ahead of the search for top talent is becoming increasingly more challenging with Executive mobility in the Services sector at an all time high. An organisations ability to be able to plan for the future is vital for its sustainable growth and overall performance. As trusted advisers on leadership talent for some of the worlds leading Services companies. Silentium Partners has developed over time the in-house expertise to assist boards with the critical and often complex mission of CEO and Executive succession planning.

Silentium’s Executive team have conducted a number of very high profile C Level search and succession assignments within the Services sector worldwide. Our team work closely with clients to implement robust succession processes and develop potential solutions for both short-term and long-term succession requirements.